Providing access to water and clean, renewable energy anywhere

How our technology

is changing the landscape of desalination and energy

Our combined renewable energy desalination (CRED) unit utilises renewable energy sources such as low temperature thermal energy from a drilled well or waste heat from an industrial process to operate the plant and produce clean, renewable power and water.


energy independent


fully modular


autonomous & secure


utilises existing assets


Our goal is to deliver fresh water and renewable energy for communities around the world.

oil and gas

Developing strategies to increase ESG performance through low capex via utilisation of depleted oil and gas wells.


We are helping industrial business throughout the world reduce their carbon footprint.

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the facts speak for themselves

The Magnuvis combined renewable energy desalination (CRED) unit provides water, which leads to food production, and targets existing O&G wells with waste heat to address some of the biggest challenges climate change is pushing upon a growing global population

Water Consumption

People in countries experience high levels of water stress 2,000,000
People exposed to severe levels of food insecurity 2,000,000
Abandoned wells worldwide 2,000,000
Methane emissions 2,000,000

*Figures are in millions – contact our team for more details