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Clean Water

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Reliable Utilities

how our solutions

Benefit Communities

  • Provides:

    Reliable source of electricity

  • Consistent:

    Water source for agriculture and sanitation

  • Utilises:

    Existing assets requiring minimal infrastructure needs

  • Safer:

    Air quality by reducing carbon emissions

technology benefits

for communities

  • Versatility:

    Can utilize brines from different sources such as oceans, brackish aquifers or waste-water (can be used in inland – remote areas)

  • Small Footprint:

    Utilizes existing infrastructure such as depleted oil and gas wells (low capex)

  • Modularity:

    Easily transportable containers can be efficiently shipped and assembled in different configurations to suit landscape / client requirements

  • Carbon Reduction:

    Energy self-sufficient water production with carbon neutral power generation

  • Carbon Reduction:

    Can withstand extreme temperatures due to innovative cooling cycle in the Energy Storage Unit with no post water chemical treatment required and instant measure of water potability?

power and water for growth

some data

for the government & communities industries


People Experiencing High Levels Of Water Stress


People Exposed To Severe Levels Of Food Insecurity


Abandoned Wells Worldwide


Methane Emissions

* All data displayed above is in millions

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High energy prices, access to electricity, food scarcity and more things that many of us take for granted are more prevalent and closer to home than we think. What if access