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Industrial Update

With the increasing awareness of climate change and a push for ESG, we’re seeing more heavy industry, and high energy consuming companies in the mining, machining, timber, dairy, IT and hospitality sectors (to name a few), turn to renewable energy. Beyond installing solar panels where applicable, many of these sectors either produce enormous amounts of waste heat or are geographically positioned near existing assets (or favorable underground conditions) that produce hot water or brines that can repurposed. Not only is there a

Communities Updates

High energy prices, access to electricity, food scarcity and more things that many of us take for granted are more prevalent and closer to home than we think. What if access to reliable, usable water for commercial and agricultural use was a reality?  Greenhouses, irrigation, and water resource for industrial uses can be attainable with new technology and access to existing infrastructure. In addition to water – reliable electricity from renewable sources could change the outlook of local communities and rural industry. Magnuvis’

Oil & Gas Update

The energy transition is upon us.  Every day another news story breaks about big oil focusing of reducing their carbon footprint, with ambitious carbon neutral and ESG goals.  Whether that is Shell or Chevron investing in cutting edge geothermal technology and development projects or Houston-born O&G entrepreneurs introducing innovative new methods and technologies to develop geothermal – the momentum is here. In addition to corporate responsibility to climate change, there are policies worldwide to plug and abandon millions of underperforming O&G