Oil & Gas Energy Updates
May 2021

The energy transition is upon us.  Every day another news story breaks about big oil focusing of reducing their carbon footprint, with ambitious carbon neutral and ESG goals.  Whether that is Shell or Chevron investing in cutting edge geothermal technology and development projects or Houston-born O&G entrepreneurs introducing innovative new methods and technologies to develop geothermal – the momentum is here.

In addition to corporate responsibility to climate change, there are policies worldwide to plug and abandon millions of underperforming O&G wells.  What if there was an alternative to abandoning all of the wells?  What if there was a method, that when deployed on existing O&G wells that meet a few criteria from temperature and flow perspectives, could be transitioned into clean energy producing, water desalination systems?

It is widely known that specific O&G basins around the world produce hot enough temperatures, and flow rates to meet the technological requirements to turn that waste heat into renewable, geothermal energy.  This clean power could be used directly in on-site operations (Pump Jacks) and/or for neighboring communities seeking reprieve from high utility costs or intermittent access to power.

Plus, the O&G industry could go from climate “killers” with fossil fuel emissions, to climate activists and leaders in this space. Imagine using the desalinated waste water for commercial or agricultural purposes, leading to food security and industrial greenhouse production for communities in need.

Learn more about how the Magnuvis solution can help O&G companies optimize existing assets and avoid plugging and abandoning all of their underperforming wells.